Balls-n-Strikes Youth Softball & Baseball Training Facilities - Franchising OpportunitiesBalls-n-Strikes is the premiere indoor baseball and softball training company in the United States. Through private instruction, camps, small group classes, and one-day clinics, our staff continues to provide players of all ages with the fundamentals necessary to develop their skills in state of the art training facilities like none other. Our goal is that every individual in our programs has a great experience, learns the proper training to enhance their playing skills, and meets instructors and friends along the way.

Balls-n-Strikes thrives on providing the highest level of instruction possible, proven by our 126 major league draft picks and over 700 players playing college baseball. Our image and reputation has been built on recruiting and developing the best instructors through our certification program.

Balls-n-Strikes also provides a teaching environment like no other. Our state of the art facilities range from 4,000-20,000 square feet in size and are designed to offer the best teaching environment possible in a customer friendly atmosphere. Strict layout, maintenance and aesthetic policies keep the facilities clean, organized, and in great shape from year to year. Each facility is fully Astroturfed and is loaded with pitching machines, bats, helmets, mounds, l-screens, tees, a small pro shop, a video room for teaching, plus much more. It is truly an awesome place to teach and learn!Balls-n-Strikes Youth Softball & Baseball Training Facilities - Franchising OpportunitiesBalls-n-Strikes Youth Softball & Baseball Training Facilities - Franchising Opportunities

Ownership of a Balls-n-Strikes requires an initial investment of $90,000-$200,000.


Why Join?

  • Owning your own Balls-n-Strikes facility is rewarding, exciting, and dynamic.
  • Name recognition associated with quality and professionalism.
  • Site selection, design layout, and build out advice is given to offer the best teaching and learning environment possible.
  • Approved vendors for everything you need to set-up and run your facility.
  • Internet marketing and database management strategies.
  • Full instructional training model along with instructor certification programs.
  • Check-ups on your facility to formulate new revenue goals and expansion strategies.
  • Career paths of employment for people with a passion about the game of baseball and softball.
  • Full access to logo’s, website, apparel, program brochures, and signage from our in-house graphic’s department.
  • Annual owners meeting to discuss new ideas and review programs.
  • Our Balls-n-Strikes team are your peers…people who love baseball and softball.
  • A comprehensive 12-day training period followed by on-site field training.
  • A dedicated, on call support system to help you get started and grow your business.
  • Have fun while watching your business grow.

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IMPORTANT NOTE REGARDING FRANCHISE OFFERINGS: Franchise offerings are made by a formal prospectus only. Some states require that the franchise offering be registered. At the present time, we have elected not to register in any of the following states, and therefore, do not and cannot solicit franchise sales in or direct offers to these states: California, Hawaii, Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, North Dakota, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Virginia, Washington, and Wisconsin.


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